Glass Tile That Looks Like Wood for Kitchen, How Cool is That?

You can get this new line of glass tile that gives the look and feel of wood while still being usable for a backsplash! There are three wood look colors and two sizes it comes in, so you can match your decorating style.

You may wonder “How does a glass tile look like wood?”

It’s because it has a wood look back on it that transforms the glass to a wood appearance, while simultaneously making it so you can’t see installation materials underneath.

Without further ado….

Wood Glass Birch-Wood look tile for backsplash



Birch is perfect for a beach house because it looks almost like driftwood with it’s cream and blue coloring. Even if you don’t have a beach house this is a great option since would make your kitchen have that “Wow!” factor.

(Here it’s shown in a 2″x8″ linear pattern)


Wood Glass Ash-Wood look tile for backsplash


Ash is a modern gray that would add an inviting aspect to a forward thinking kitchen, or any kitchen that has more gray tones than brown or beige.

(Pictured above is the 3″x12″ size.)


Wood Glass Maple-Wood look tile for backsplash


Maple is a warm, honey brown that would make you and your guests feel right at home. You could match this with almost any kitchen that is more classic.

(Also the 3″x12″ size)

Three Words to Describe a Wood Look Backsplash




Wood look kitchen backsplash

Like we talked about earlier you can use these in almost any kitchen to go with your style of decorating.

(Pictured above is Birch with an Ocean Beige* counter top)




Wood look kitchen backsplash

Clean up is a breeze with the smooth surface of glass tile, because you don’t have to worry about any grease getting in crevices in the tile. You also never have to worry about it getting wet like you would with real wood.

(Pictured above is Ash with a Santa Cecilia Gold* counter top)




wood look kitchen backsplash

There is something inherently cozy about wood–it just makes you feel more at home.

(Pictured above is Maple with a Giallo Ornamental Light* Counter top)


You can come see this in our Design Studio weekdays between 8:00-4:00.


Glass Wood Birch, Ash, and Maple, 2x8 and 3x12


*All featured counter tops are from Acer Granite in Port Charlotte. The cabinets are from Red-Jay Cabinets in Englewood.


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