Meet Perry

Perry is a pelican who just moved to the area to be closer to the beach. He started to love  the beach when his parents brought him here one summer when he was just a chick. That was awhile ago, but he still loves the feel of sand and the smell of salt in the air. His favorite things to do while at the beach are: fishing, collecting seashells, and walking along the shore. He also loves a good old-fashioned fish fry. Perry—who had dreamed of living at the beach since that first summer— now lives in the Beach Bungalow shower in our Design Studio.

Beach Shower

Perry sits on this travertine corner shower seat where he can see everything going on in the Design Studio.

Beach House Shower
Perry’s home has sandy beige 10″16″ tiles covering the walls. While 2″x2″ tiles with a slip resistant texture on them cover his floor. In the center of the floor there is a square 4″  drain with a stainless steel finish that matches the shower head. Finally, the travertine threshold matches the corner seat, and gives a finished look to his home, the Beach Bungalow Shower.

Beach Mural

Perry’s favorite feature is this mural attached just above him, because the starfish and seashells remind him of walking along the shore collecting shells.

Shower Edging

Perry’s Bungalow has a color coated anodized aluminum edging that gives his entire bungalow a clean finish.


Three Reasons Why Beach Bungalow is in our Design Studio


1. Simple, yet beautiful

This isn’t a shower that has a lot of flashy things that draw attention to it. The tile is simply beautiful to look at. With a neutral tile it’s important to have some movement and contrast to draw the eye, because this tile has both of these elements it’s both neutral and eye catching. The floor blends well with the walls creating a cohesive look.

2. You can do it your way

Don’t love this color? There are three other colors in this tile family. You could also choose to use a different material for your floor like pebbles, or a more contrasting 2″x2″ tile. Maybe you don’t want this particular mural, there are several different murals from Wet Dog Tile that you could choose, or if you prefer a decorative border instead of a mural you could choose a decorative tile from our Design Studio. We have a variety of different styles that  go with this shower. One option is a stone and glass blend mosaic that has plastic pieces with little shells and sand in it.  Not everyone wants a beach house though, due to that we offer many other design choices that are not beach themed.


Beach Tile Shower

This is a shower we installed recently with the shell and sand mosaic.

Beige Shower with Pebbles

Here is one we did with the same tile in a different color, and the 12″x24″ size instead of the 10″x16″. It has a very modern looking decorative band that adds a unique element to the design of the shower. The shower floor is a sliced pebble floor that complements the decorative band to achieve a harmonious look, while providing contrast to the wall tile.

3. It’s consistently a Favorite

We love this tile, but more importantly we are not the only ones who do. Almost everyone who comes in to our Design Studio comments on this shower, and we’ve done many showers with this tile over the years.

Come by our Design Studio to see Perry’s Beach Bungalow shower!

We are open from 8:00-4:00 on week days, and we would love for you to come see this shower in person.



2 thoughts on “Perry Pelican’s Beach Bungalow”

  1. Hi Jane, great question. Travertine will need to be sealed periodically. We have a product called stone deep clean, this process would be done first then sealed again.
    We offer this as a service if that would be helpful.

  2. Was wondering if the tumbled tiles on the bottom of my shower can be power washed. They have never come clean always dirty and all i have used is the Aqua Kleen any suggestions?

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