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I Should Be Waterproofing My What – I thought It was Waterproof?

I recently started researching on a company called Schluter Systems. You’re probably asking yourself, “why this company?”. My simple answer, because my Mom is the Office Manager at Mann Tile. You can guess, she is always talking to me about her work. I was intrigued when she mentioned that they are one of the very few in her area that offer Schluter waterproofing membrane for the bathroom called Kerdi. Puzzling to me, but I let her continue and when she finished telling me about her week I finally just asked her what Schluter Kerdi actually is or does and that’s when she told me that is a bathroom waterproofing system.

Wait, wait, wait…

My first question, “why would anyone want to waterproof their bathroom?” Immediately followed by, “aren’t bathroom showers already waterproof?” Thus begins of my research into the why of it all.

Bathrooms are a Breeding Ground

Water Damage in Shower, Shower was not waterproof

Well we all know that our bathrooms, when not ventilated properly, grow mold and mildew on the tiles, right? Did we all know that behind the tiles this can happen too? I didn’t! I always thought that mold and mildew was all visible and treatable by the homeowner or tenant.  It turns out that if there is a crack in tile where water seeps in or any open space be it small or big where water can seep through; the same stuff can grow and even rot behind the scenes. Speaking of that, grout itself is porous! Moisture can get right through grout.

How does Schluter Sytems help this?

Kerdi Schluter Shower Systems Waterproofing MembraneWell Schluter Systems helps this process by adding a protective waterproofing membrane barrier between your shower walls or any tiled elements that are subject to keep moisture. Kerdi. I read that on Schluter System’s site directly. My curiosity about the whole process still remained though, so I watched installation videos to satisfy that and it all makes more sense to me now. What I like to refer to as the “orange barrier” keeps water from getting to the drywall or other surface that normally your tile would directly attach to and protects it from any moisture exposure.

Where can I get this stuff?

Mann Tile is the one provider in the Englewood area with ten 5 Star Google reviews that offers the purchase, installation and guarantee of the Schluter Systems. I would encourage you to reach out for a quote on your shower!

Phone: (941) 681-2641
In person: 3542 N. Access Rd.
Suite B
Englewood, FL 34224
(By Spinnaker Cafe)
Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Are you convinced that it’s worth looking into? I Know I Am!

I will be getting a quote on waterproofing when I have the opportunity to remodel a bathroom. Because I work in the water damage restoration field, I know how costly getting things like water damage and mold remediated costs, so it’s an absolute must for me. I’ll just have to convince the Owner, Robert Mann and his Office Manager when I’m ready to make the trip all the way down to where I live in South Florida.

-Veronica Cotto

PS You can simply book an estimate online!

2 thoughts on “I Should Be Waterproofing My What”

  1. We have recently started a basement waterproofing business and came across your article.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on this.

    Many people don’t realize how important it is to ensure that your bathroom shower, tubs or flooring are properly waterproofed. Since we are the ones that usually gets called to clean up water spilling from upper floors to basements we know important the proper bathroom waterproofing is.

    Waterproofing is by no means an exciting topic to write about, but you did an excellent job keeping it entertaining and informative – and not boring. Thanks a ton.

  2. Great points! I have noticed that not all areas of my bathroom are waterproof. The baseboards are warping and it’s getting messy. I had no idea moisture can get through the grout. I’m glad I read this article so I can get my bathroom waterproofed before the damage gets worse!

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