All But Snow…

It still feels like Christmas, even without the snow.  Christmas music, a Christmas tree, stockings, cookies, some performances by the children, and parties..

We had some carolers in the store already! They sung us a carol Hawaiian style!


Christmas Trees

Our family likes to go camping this time of year and we like to go to Fort Wilderness.  So, we stopped by Disney Springs and found this wonderful walk through 50 themed Christmas trees. Snow.. no snow, they did blow what looked like soap…   And of course Christmas music as we walked around.Christmas activities

Out Christmas Tree

Christmas Concerts

We enjoyed some great Christmas music in Sarasota performed by some homeschooling friends of ours that belong to GCHFA.


Christmas Programs

Cookies, Plays, Singing… Yummy and fun!

Still no snow, however we did have a looping image on the screen of snowfall, does that count?

This year Cheryl directed a play called Christmas Unwrapped performed at the church we belong to; Grace Bible Church in Port Charlotte.The performance went really well (the snacks were pretty yummy also!). Let us know if you want to join us for next year’s performance!!  Christmas Unwrapped was about a long line of disgruntled customers of a Christmas emporium who wanted to return their Christmas experience!  One of my favorite lines was the shopkeeper, Bob Ferkle, who quipped, “There is no more to Christmas, if there were I’d be selling it in my store!”. In the end Bob learns the true meaning of Christmas.


Christmas Parties

Who needs snow!  This has been a great season so far..

This Friday from 2:00 – 4:00 PM we invite you to come by the store: 3542 N. Access Rd., Englewood just to stop in and say hi, have a snack, give us a chance to wish you a Very Merry Christmas!  Give a call if you think you’ll have a chance to stop by 941-681-2641.

We hope to see you, if not we’d love to see a comment below, just a “Merry Christmas” would be awesome!

Have a great holiday season!

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