Water Damage in Shower

Read on to find out why showers fail..

Below you will learn the effects and common cause of shower failure.  It’s not all pretty but needs to told!

How do I know if my shower is failing?

Great question! In fact, that is an excellent question! I’ve seen thousands of showers and have learned where to look for signs of shower failure. First let me tell you why it’s important to understand if your shower is failing. Basically, shower failure causes the water to go where it shouldn’t be going!  When this water is not headed down the drain it’s causing trouble for you!  Some of the problems I’ve seen from shower failure include; termites, tiles falling off the wall, rust, structure damage, ugly discoloration, a bad odor, and of course mold.  And, I think that last one is the worst, because it can cause; sinus trouble, headaches, and sickness.

The biggest clue that you have moisture behind your tile is rusty corner bead and bubbling paint on the outside corners of your shower. I used to think it was because of a leaky shower door, it’s not!

Shower Failure
Water damage from Shower Failure

Some of the damage caused from failing showers.. Rust

Shower Failure
In Englewood… When your shower pan leaks in your condo unit… Rust from water wicking up the drywall, sad.
Shower Failure, Englewood
Water made it’s way under the shower pan… Not sure there was much pan liner here..

…Rotted floors..

Curb rotted from shower failure
Water damaged curb, simply unprotected from the ravages of moisture.

…Rotted and destroyed lumber…

… And all this moisture invites termites and it smells real bad too.

Shower Failure
Termite damage due to the shower failing.. This was in Englewood.

The cause of this trouble is usually in the shower floor construction.

The most common method is to install a shower pan liner at the framing stage. It holds water! Yay! Now the plumber and inspector are happy.

Shower Pan Liner, much better method available.
Shower Pan Liner holding water.. we should be happy, but we’re not. There are way better ways to do this.

… And then drywall over it, or cement board or something.

However, in this picture and the next there are a few errors in this construction, can you spot them?

Shower Failure in the making!
You’re doing it wrong! Destined to fail.
Shower Failure
I wonder if water will find those screw holes? What do you think? This is destined to fail! No hope. Wrong on so many levels.

This video illustrates how the damage occurs, check it out..

Mold in the corners, evidence of failure.
This shower is failing.. It’s not all bad housekeeping that makes your shower ugly, it comes from the bad construction behind the tile.

Some more of the symptoms include, discoloration around the bottom of the shower,

Shower Failing
So, the water wicks up the drywall behind the tile, cement board also allows moisture to wick, it doesn’t get damaged but allows the wood behind it to be damaged.

What can be done to cure Shower Failure?

These shower failures are why we have embraced Schluter Systems for waterproofing your showers.  It is the best way I know to provide waterproofing and vapor management to keep the water where it belongs.

The idea is to have nothing that is moisture sensitive or that can feed mold between the shower and the rest of your house.

We perform shower redo’s and tub-to-shower conversions as well as new installations of showers.. Schluter Systems allows us to provide you with a 10 Year Material and Labor Warranty.

Kerdi Schluter Shower Systems

This is an illustration of a barrier-free shower to provide great wheelchair access.IMG_2859

Schluter Waterproofing - 03

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