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Choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen

So, you’re ready to remodel your kitchen you have some new Cabinets, Counter tops, and now you are ready for a backsplash to go with them. Maybe you aren’t remodeling your whole kitchen, but you don’t like the backsplash you have now, and your ready to find one you do like.

There are a variety of materials to choose from, but which one is right for your kitchen? Maybe you already have an idea of what you want, you just need to find a tile that matches it. Or maybe you have never thought about choosing a backsplash before, so you don’t know where to start.

Either way we are here to help make the process as enjoyable as possible. Starting with this step-by-step guide to choosing a kitchen backsplash.

1. What do you have now?

First of all, you need to know what you have already so you can start narrowing down your choices. You want to base your decisions on the things that are more permanent like cabinets, rather than changeable things like paint.

What type of countertop do you have? Does the granite have a lot of movement? Is it speckled? Or solid? Does it have veining? What colors are in the granite?

What color cabinets do you have? Are they light or dark? What style are they?

What colors are in your floor? Is it light or dark? How much variation is there? Does the floor blend with the cabinets or are they contrasting? What shape is the tile?

2. What could you have?

Next it’s time to imagine what you could have. Think about what you want your kitchen to look and feel like. When you come to choose a backsplash you will have a clearer picture of what you like. When you know what you want it will be easier to narrow your options down, rather than being overwhelmed by the options. For that reason we have prepared this list of questions you can ask yourself.

Do you want a elegant kitchen?




or Beach themed?

Do you want it to feel open and light?

A room seems like it’s more open when you choose a larger, light colored tile.

Or warm and cozy?

In contrast choosing smaller darker tiles will make a room feel more warm and intimate.


What colors make you happy?

Do you want the backsplash to stand out, or blend in?

Your eyes will almost always be drawn to a backsplash that stands out, while choosing one that blends makes it so you see the whole picture.

3. Look at your options

Now that you’ve spent time thinking about what you want your backsplash to look and feel like you can start seriously looking for it.


In our Design Studio to make it easier to visualize, we have five different cabinet & countertop combinations, as well as these backsplash boards that we made. You can set any of them on a countertop to see what that type of backsplash would look like installed.  We have a variety of backsplash options and we are available to help you look through them! And because we know it can be difficult to tell if something will go in your kitchen without it being there we encourage you to take samples home with you.

We look forward to seeing you in our Design Studio!  It’s open weekdays from 8:00-4:00. We know those hours don’t work for everybody, for that reason we offer appointments on Saturdays.

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  1. The Elysium Leaf series Sky M695 has been Discontinued, I called the company and they have none available. We have a large Elysium display in the showroom with many styles in that color family. They also have a great website. Thank You! Deb Thome

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