Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

A current trend is wood look tile. After you take a look at the photos below of installations we have done, it’s easy to see why.

This flooring choice has all the benefits of tile and the look of wood.  The sizing choices abound, there is 6×18, 6×24, 8×32, 5×32, 12×24, 6×30, 6×36, 9×36, 6×48, 6×60, and more. Sometimes it is incredible how much it looks like wood, we have customers tell us often that visitors of theirs will stop in and say  We are currently installing an 8×45 Wood look tile in a condo in Englewood on Beach Road.

Patterns for Installation

Some of the patterns for installing include: herringbone, random staggered, 1/3 staggered, 1/2 staggered (It is shown on the tub-surround picture. Most manufacturers recommend against 1/2 staggering).


Wood look tile in North Port

It can warm up a room creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This is from an installation in North Port.

1/3rd Stagger that resembles wood look tile in Rotonda

It is elegant. This is actually a 12×24 on a 1/3rd stagger that has a grain that resembles wood somewhat. It still gives a feel of white-washed or light wood. This is from an installation in Rotonda.

Hickory wood look tile in Venice

It can be very realistic. This is a hickory like floor that gives the feel of real wood. This is from an installation in Venice.

Wood look tile outside in Placida

Some wood look tile is textured making it less slippery for outdoor use. Notice the hand-scraped finish, it gives a nice texture for outdoor use.  Also, notice it being used as a tile baseboard? This is from an installation in Placida.

Wood look tile shower or tub surround

You can use it in a shower (or a tub-surround) Wood look tile gives a “spa” like feel to your shower area, don’t you think? This was installed in Port Charlotte.


wood look tile in Englewood showroom

We have wood look tile that is similar to oak, maple, cherry, and much, much more! We even have some that looks like blue jean, I would encourage you to stop in and see the whole selection, here is just a sampling of the wood look tile you will find in our Englewood tile store. We service the surrounding communities of Englewood, Rotonda, Venice, North Port, Placida, and Port Charlotte. We install throughout Sarasota and Charlotte Counties.

If you have a picture of some wood-look we installed and would like to share it with us, please do!  And ask any questions or leave any comments below!  Thank you!

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