You can tile your walls instead of painting or wallpapering them! Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s much easier to keep clean. Plus, unlike paint or wallpaper, it will look great for practically forever. (And with Schluter edge profiles, you don’t have to worry about rough edges anywhere!)

This tile job was installed for Patrick of Port Charlotte, FL. (This is another of what we call “Epic Bathrooms”)

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

And here’s Rich working on the other tile job we did for Patrick, also in Port Charlotte, FL.

I just think this is one of the coolest sinks ever… Plus it ties in very well with the blue mosaic on the floor!

Wood-look tile in the shower! Looks pretty good, I think.

Rob and his crew did a FANTASTIC job on our two ultra-contemporary baths. They came out better than I could have even imagined. And Ed did such a wonderful job, taking his time to make sure everything was perfectly level and even.

We had to wait a little bit for the work to start, but that’s because Rob’s crew is busy – because they do such a good job. But the wait was worth it!

The finished baths are magazine-quality! They’re by far the nicest bathrooms I’ve ever been able to enjoy. Everyone who’s seen them says the same first word – wow!”

Thanks again,

Patrick & Galina

Natural stone on the wall above a fire place–very classical looking.

We started with this…

…then this (notice the Schluter waterproofing peeking out, gotta love The Orange Stuff!)…

And tada! The finished stair-step kneewall and shower. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

And here’s the whole shower! This was installed for Elaine of Arcadia, FL.

We also tiled our auto-mechanic’s office–looking great with 12×24 tile brick-stacked! He’s right here in Englewood, FL, and we’ve been very happy with his work.

A recent example of our glass block work.

Another tile foyer design! These make a great first impression.

This is a great example of variety within unity–same color, but lots of different sizes. (check out our Design Concepts page for more tips.)

Here’s a lovely natural stone backsplash! I like the way it matches the counter top.

And here’s part of another backsplash–this one is a glass and stone mosaic mixture.

And the other side…

Lovely light-colored wood-look tile.

Believe it or not, the two pictures above are the same tile! Just shows how different tile can look in different lighting…


When you were last here and saw our completed tile project I told you how happy I was with your work. The tile is beautiful and I thought at the time that we have taken a giant step in improving our home.

Well, I had no idea what delight I would feel until Ethel came in on Friday. She and my son Ryan, and Carolyn, Ryan’s wife, came to see our new house for the first time with furniture in it and with our gorgeous floors. The three of them love our home and all cannot get over the tile work that your guys did for us. We also wowed our neighbors, who had seen our home before, and now after.

Your work is no less than spectacular and we wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to do more work for us or to recommend Mann Tile to a friend, a good friend in fact. I want to add a special thanks to Ed and Richard who practically lived with me for a couple of weeks, and to Hannah who saved the day by finding a perfect tile for our den. They were truly professional and did everything possible to accommodate our project.

Rob, thank you again


Mike Pustilnik

And here are a few of our favorite things–a smiling customer and a finished tile job! (This is Stephanie of Englewood, FL. happy about about her newly tile lanai.)

Tomorrow four of us are off to Coverings, the International Tile and Stone Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. We went last year, and learned some valuable things about serving you better in this industry–so we are looking forward to going back and learning more!

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