When you were last here and saw our completed tile project I told you how happy I was with your work. The tile is beautiful and I thought at the time that we have taken a giant step in improving our home.

Well, I had no idea what delight I would feel until Ethel came in on Friday. She and my son Ryan, and Carolyn, Ryan’s wife, came to see our new house for the first time with furniture in it and with our gorgeous floors. The three of them love our home and all cannot get over the tile work that your guys did for us. We also wowed our neighbors, who had seen our home before, and now after.

Your work is no less than spectacular and we wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to do more work for us or to recommend Mann Tile to a friend, a good friend in fact. I want to add a special thanks to Ed and Richard who practically lived with me for a couple of weeks, and to Hannah who saved the day by finding a perfect tile for our den. They were truly professional and did everything possible to accommodate our project.

Rob, thank you again

Mike Pustilnik