The Orange Stuff (and More)

Well, to start this post off, I (Carissa) guess I better explain a little bit about what has been going on (also known as “this is why we haven’t posted in so long”)… I was gone from September 12th to November 18th. I went to Conesus, New York for a sort of internship program called J127. (if you would like to read more about that program and see more pictures, you can visit my blog.) I had an amazing time of learning and growing, and am now back, ready to work.

While I was gone, a great deal happened–as I found out when I came back to work here. The first thing I noticed was that my sister Hannah had decorated the store for autumn! It looked lovely. In case you missed it, here are a few pictures…

The other major thing that happened while I was gone was that Hannah and Rob (my papa) went to a Schluter workshop!

That’s right–the orange stuff. (I now finally know that this waffle looking stuff is called Ditra.)

Here he is installing Schluter for the first time at the workshop during the competition they had…

And out of all the other guys there, I am happy to announce that he and Hannah won!! Their shower turned out the best. ๐Ÿ˜€

Since we are now Official Schluter Distributors, we’ve done several showers using the system. Here’s Ed working on one of them… Already in the week I’ve been back, I’ve heard so much about how amazing this stuff is. It just makes sense–everyone wants a shower that is actually waterproof. For years we’ve done the best we knew, but after going to this workshop we’ve realized how much more there is to waterproofing a shower.

But wait–There’s even more good news! Not only can you be certain that your shower is waterproof, but now our showers also come with a TEN YEAR labor and material warranty! (You should hear Hannah and Papa talk about this–it’s very exciting.)

And it’s finished! This shower was for Margret, from Placida.

We also can do spiffy shelves like this one now, with the Schluter profile edge protection pieces.

We have more coming up in the green room as well–we are going to have several shower displays, complete with Schluter and everything. Keep watching for our progress!

Esther (Rob’s youngest daughter) loves the little Schluter shower display… ๐Ÿ˜€

In other news, Mann Tile is now on twitter! Our user name, predictably, is @manntile. Feel free to follow us! (Don’t worry, we won’t be boring.) We are on Facebook as well… we like likes!

We also have some new pages on our website–the Learn page with its sub page, Natural Stone; the Sale! page; and the Licensed and Insured page (not quite as interesting as the others, but important).

We hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving! Did you start any new traditions this year? We did–we had a pie contest with some friends and our Grandma! (Grandma won first place… I guess that’s expected. :D)


Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to… we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “The Orange Stuff (and More)

  1. Great update. So refreshing to see a family operation. About this pie thing. It sure made me hungry. God is so good !!!

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