It’s a Sign!


A Mann Tile sign, that is. So glad to finally have a lit sign above our storefront!


Also, coffee. Meet our Keurig– kindly donated by our friends at Burnett Painting. If you weren’t sure whether or not to stop by our tile store, this may help with the decision. ๐Ÿ˜‰


We are making progress on our display room! (previously known as “the green room” for obvious reasons, but it’s not so green anymore)


Finished painting! What do you think?


The shower is almost ready to have tile installed and we have wood-look tile for the floor… coming soon!

We’ve been incredibly busy over the past several months, installing tile on everything from showers to floors to backsplashes. Here is a sampling of the tile work we’ve done lately…

Shower listello

An example of a “listello” in a shower, made up of a row of tile set diagonally and framed by a thin deco band on top and bottom.

Corner Seat

Love this corner seat! Beautiful material choice and installation.

three marble corner shelves

Three marble corner shelves for holding shampoo and so forth.


The whole shower, just waiting for fixtures.

Klines shower before

This shower had some severe water damage…

Water damage

This is the reason we don’t do traditional showers any more… the “waterproofing” just isn’t reliable, which creates a whole host of problems, from mold and mildew to structural damage.

Kline floor

Here’s the shower floor, now properly waterproofed with Schluter (aka The Orange Stuff)

Kline shower

We often do the entire shower, including the ceiling.

Klines schlutered

In this case we even did the wall near the shower.


Here’s Sean, one of our regular sub contractors, taking a break from installing the tile to pose for Rob.

Klines shower

And tada! The finished shower. Linear listellos are the “in” thing right now–and we have been doing a lot of the pebble shower floors as well. They now have a very up-to-date shower… may need to redo the wall paper though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Green pebbles

These green pebbles are pretty much my (Carissa’s) favorite.

white and glass shower

Another cool looking shower… white field tile set in a herringbone pattern with a green and blue glass listello.

blue glass frame

Very interesting design on this one… Vertical subway tile framed by blue glass mosaics.

Shower glass shelves

And now for a totally different look– a more classic stone look shower, with a few modern touches, such as the glass corner shelves.


Wonderful detail and “movement” on these tiles… natural stone look with all the benefits of porcelain tile. Much easier to care for.

Whole shower

Aaannnnd here’s the whole shower.

stone floor

Pebbles on the floor and listello make for a lot of character in a shower.

Shower with blue listello

Blue glass and marble listello–very pretty and clean.

Josiah and wall

Josiah working on the grout on a wall we tiled.

listello, seat, shelf

Inside the shower… nice wooden seat, corner shelf, and grab bar.

shower head

Understated yet detailed listello. This is a great look if you like something a little more interesting but aren’t up for all the bold and crazy stuff.

stone look floor and tub

Gorgeous stone-look tile…ย  on a bathroom floor, wall, and around the tub.


Simple but elegant entryway design.

floor with seat


Neat “two tile” pattern with 12×12 and 12×24 tiles.


A small bathroom we did at no charge for a local ministry we support, called Pregnancy Solutions.

And there you have it, a little of what we have been up to lately here at Mann Tile. Hope you enjoyed!

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One thought on “It’s a Sign!

  1. Mann Tile recently did a large job for my wife and I. Knowing That we could trust them we asked that they do the job while we are away on vacation. While away Rob sent pictures which was wonderful to see. Upon return we found our room finished with just a little cleanup to be done upon completion of the entire job. Therefore our rating for Mann Tile is TOP SHELF. Great work guys, and thank you from My Wife and I.

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