Palm Trees, Showers, and Ditra.

Beautiful palm tree medallion–specially ordered from Lebanon and installed in Englewood, FL for Jim and Kim.

This is what we call an Epic Bathroom. 😀 This is mainly Botticino marble,  installed in Sarasota. It also includes a linear drain, steps, and a “waterfall” made of glass pebble mosaics.

We put a matching “waterfall” on the wall over their vanity.

Here’s a shower we installed in Venice, FL for the Wanners, complete with a marble shampoo shelf in the corner, knee walls, decos, and everything!

And here’s the tiled floor with a special square Schluter drain– and the corner seat.

A sleek, modern looking shower installed for Julie H. from Nokomis, FL. We used the Schulter edge profile pieces for the edges and corners, giving it a polished, water-proof finish.

I love the green glass tiles in this one… and the marble corner shelf adds a nice touch as well.

Here’s another shower we tiled in North Port, FL for Jim N. He also chose to get the water-proofing for his shower. Here you can see the orange Schluter peeking out as they were installing tile over it.

We also tiled his bathroom floor–I really like this pattern.

And the finished tile work!

Here’s a gorgeous black, grey and white glass linear mosaic backsplash we installed recently for Mary Ann from Englewood!

Josiah putting paper on stairs to protect them–we do our best to leave your place looking better than when we found it.

Ditra mostly covered with thinset… at Sandra’s house in Cape Haze. Ditra is what they call an “uncoupling membrane”, which basically means that it separates your tile from the substrate. (wood or concrete) This is good news, because normally whenever your substrate cracks, so does your tile floor. This way, they are independent of each other, so you have way less cracking–plus several other benefits. Ask Rob or Hannah for more details!

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