Design Concepts


It is important to have some common thread weaving the elements of your home together, whether it be a color, a pattern, or a texture. In the example below, the color brown and the texture of wood ties the room together very nicely.


Too much contrast is overwhelming and distracting, but too much of the same is uninteresting to the eye. For instance, it’s good to have a listello that brings in some other colors or textures–like in this shower.


You can’t focus on everything at once: in every area, there should be one or two main focuses. For example, if you have a gorgeous marble floor with lots of color and “movement”, you’ll want to keep your furniture simpler so that the floor stays the main interest. If, on the other hand, you have an ornate living room set, you may want to keep the floor simpler so it is merely the background to show off your furniture. In the picture below, the cupboards and counter tops are solid colors, allowing the glass tile mosaic backsplash to be a pleasing focal point.


You’re going to have to live with your design choices, so it’s important to think about your preferences. What colors make you happy? What style suits you best? What particular needs do you have? Don’t pick colors for the next people who will live in the house: you live there now. Pick the things you love. In this shower, the couple almost didn’t choose a listello–even though they really liked it–because they weren’t sure if it would go. With a little encouragement, they decided to go with it–and the final outcome was lovely. In fact, they made a point of thanking us for helping them with picking it out.

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